G502 Petite Glass Bottles

G502 Petite Glass Bottles

G502 Petit Glass Bottles $2.50 CAD
10 per package Quantity:

Petit Glass Bottles

Such tiny vessels, and they have a small stopper that has a top loop for hanging. Tuck tiny treasures inside, small enough to add to a card-remove the stopper and wire it onto a card as a vase-add some of our paper posies…Arrange several of them in a grid pattern in a shadow box (either wire them or use a bit of gel matte medium on the back on each bottle), put a posie in each bottle. Try lining the shadow box with vintage paper first-put your ancestor’s heads on wire stems…and tuck into the bottles. We know it’s wacky, but it would work---an instant piece of wall art.

Measurement does not include stopper: 3/8"' x 7/8" (11mm x 22mm)

Please note measurements on all items. Some items may appear larger or smaller than they actually are due to magnification to show detail & color.