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New Metals
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M164 Triangle Nail Head
Triangle Nail Head
M165 Star Nail Heads Silver
Silver Star Nail Heads
M163 Lg Silv Heart Nail Heads
Large Heart Nail Heads

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M160 Gold Heart Nail Heads sm
Gold Heart Nail Heads
M892 Small Matte Pink Nail Heads
Small Pink Nail Heads
M451 Pearl White NH
White Nail Heads

M893 Small Black Nail Heads
Small Black Nail Heads
M894 Small Metallic Red Nail Heads
Small Red Nail Heads
M457 Mini Open NH
Mini Open Nail Heads

M118 Gold Typewriter Key Frame
Gold Typewriter Key Frame
M117 Silver Typewriter Key Frame
Silver Typewriter Key Frame
M290 Octagon setting small
Octagon Setting Small


Large Spring Rings

Lobster Clasps






Ball Chain + Connectors

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