PA2380 Vintage Rub Ons White

PA2380 Vintage Rub Ons White $2.50 CAD
1 sheet per package Quantity:
Vintage Rub Ons -White

These are old school!

Circa 1960, these rub ons are from an era when graphic designers created without computers.

We're not making that up.

These beautiful rub-on letters and numbers adhere the same way the non-vintage ones do: rub gently and pull up the sheet periodically to see that the full character has transferred. If it hasn't fully transferred, put the paper back down and continue to rub.

These are very large sheets with LOTS of characters. You will receive a random sheet which may differ from the photo.

Includes a protective sheet + burnishing stick for application.

16" wide x 12" high (405mm x 305mm)

Please Note: These will be folded for ease of shipping.

Please note measurements on all items. Some items may appear larger or smaller than they actually are due to magnification to show detail & color.